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HEXACO vs Big Five – A Comparison and Explanation of Why HEXACO is Better

When comparing HEXACO with Big Five, two of the most popular personality models in psychology, it is important to understand both their similarities and differences. In this article, we highlight the central differences between these two models and why HEXACO emerges as a more advantageous option in many contexts.

HEXACO Model: A Nuanced Picture of Personality 

The personality model "Big Five" has long been fundamental in psychometrics and widely used in recruitment and development contexts. However, discussions about the HEXACO and the sixth personality dimension of Honesty – Humility, also known as the (H-factor), are becoming increasingly common.

To master the fear of change

Change can be a challenge for many professionals, regardless of industry or position. Fear and resistance to change are deeply rooted in our psychology, but understanding and managing these emotions can be critical to success in an increasingly changing business world.

Are traditional cognitive tests are on the way out?

For decades, cognitive testing has been a cornerstone of the assessment world, an indispensable part of the recruitment process, especially when it comes to evaluating candidates with limited work experience. But now the wind seems to have turned.

Anonymize reports through AvePDF

Det finns tillfällen när det är nödvändigt att anonymisera rapporter om kandidater för att bevara konfidentiell information. AvePDF erbjuder ett kostnadsfritt onlineverktyg för att redigera PDF-dokument som möjliggör en enkel lösning på detta problem.

AI as a solution to human error

The report from Allbright, "Recruitment Companies - The Gatekeepers of Business", highlights a critical aspect of working life - the lack of diversity and equality in the top echelons of Swedish business. By examining the role that recruitment firms are playing in shaping the leadership of the future, the report highlights how important behavioral changes can be implemented to break prevailing patterns.

Candidates' Use of ChatGPT in the Recruitment Process: Cheating or a new tool?

Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT are sparking debate. Are they a shortcut to laziness or a catalyst for productivity? In recruitment, the big question is: do they contribute to cheating or more efficient hiring?

Why the AI Colleague is the Future in Talent Management 🚀

In this article, we explore why an AI colleague is not just a trendy gadget, but a revolutionary force in recruitment and human resources management.

Is this the end of human-driven evaluation? Assessment in the AI era

Generative AI has stormed into the limelight this year, propelled by the groundbreaking release of ChatGPT. In light of these developments, it begs the question: What implications does this hold for the future of assessment?

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