Company-adapted courses

Our customized training courses at TQ Nordic are designed to meet your unique challenges and goals.

We take your company's specific needs into account and create training that focuses on the areas that are most relevant.

With our company-tailored training, you get the opportunity to design a training that focuses on the areas and tools that are most relevant to you. We take into account your specific industry requirements, your organizational culture and the skills needed to create success.

Examples of tailor-made courses

Character traits and competencies

We go through the 18 character traits in TQ Personality and discuss how you can interpret and use these to assess candidates' suitability for various roles and areas of responsibility. We also look at the competencies that can be linked to the character traits and how these can be used to assess candidates' performance and potential.

Interpretation of TQ results

We teach you how to interpret and understand the TQ results to make informed decisions. We show you how to analyze and compare the results to identify the most suitable candidates for your specific needs.

Implementation and integration

We discuss best practices for implementing the TQ tools in your recruitment process and how you can integrate the tools into your existing system and workflow.

Selection process and interview strategies

We go through different methods to carry out an effective selection process and give you strategies for designing and carrying out structured interviews. We also discuss how the TQ tools can be used to supplement and strengthen your interviews and assessments.

Why adapt the education?

Tailored solutions

We adapt the training to your specific needs and challenges to ensure that you get maximum value and benefit from the training.


We plan the training according to your wishes and can adapt the time, place and format to suit your work situation and schedule.

Experienced trainers

Our trainers are experts in their field and have extensive experience in delivering training for various companies and industries.

Relevant tools and methods

We focus on giving you the tools and methods that are most relevant to your business, so that you can apply the knowledge directly in your work environment.

Versatile training formats

We adapt to you and create an optimal learning environment for your employees. It can be anything from classroom training to webinars or distance learning.

Long-term partner

We strive to be your long-term training partner and support you in your long-term skills development.

Get started with company-tailored training

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