TQ Personality

With TQ Personality you can get a deeper understanding of the individual's strengths, development areas and potential.

TQ Personality is a powerful tool that helps you gain a deeper understanding of your candidates' personalities.

By using TQ Personality, you can identify candidates' character traits and potential. By using the scientifically based HEXACO model, TQ Personality gives you a reliable and validated insight into the candidates' personality and behavioral preferences.

Measurement of character traits

TQ Personality measures 18 different character traits that are relevant to work-related behaviors and abilities.

Indicators of character traits

Each character trait contains 3 indicators that give a more nuanced picture of the behavior.

The HEXACO model

TQ Personality is based on the HEXACO model, which is a theoretical model of personality.

Norm groups and statistics

The form uses norm groups that are statistically significant to represent the working population globally.

Response styles

TQ Personality also measures response styles, which include social desirability, consistency, and value diffusion.

Areas of use

TQ Personality can be used for various purposes, including recruitment and selection, personal development and career planning.

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Navigate success with precision through 18 character traits

The form uses norm groups that are statistically significant to represent the working population.

TQ Personality can be used for...

Recruitment and selection

TQ Personality can be used to identify and assess candidates' suitability for various professional roles.

By analyzing the character traits, and comparing against the requirement profile, recruiters can gain a deeper understanding of how the candidate can fit into the work environment and thrive in the role.

Personal development

TQ Personality can be a valuable tool for the individual's personal development.

By becoming aware of one's own behavior patterns and preferences, one can focus on strengthening one's strengths and work on possible areas of development.

Team or group development

TQ Personality can be used to identify a team or group's potential based on the individuals' individual traits.

Through our various reports for teams, we get a good basis for identifying the group's potential strengths and development areas related to the team or the group's purpose and goals.

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