TQ Motivation

Discover the candidates' driving forces to create a motivated and successful work environment.

Are you a recruiter or manager looking for new ways to understand and assess candidate motivation?

TQ Motivation is the perfect tool for you. With our form, you can gain valuable insights into your candidates' motivational factors and use that knowledge to create a strong and motivating work environment.

Based on research

Our form has been developed with the support of extensive research that provides you with reliable and scientifically validated results.

Gain deep insights

TQ Motivation measures motivation through four domains: belonging, impact, growth and interest. By analyzing these factors, you can understand what drives your candidates and how they can contribute.

Simple to use

TQ Motivation is easy to administer and can be completed online. Candidates get easy access to the form and you get quick access to comprehensive reports and results.


You can adapt the form to your specific needs and prioritize the motivation factors that are most relevant to your organization.

How does it work?

1. Send out the test

Send a link to the candidates to complete TQ Motivation online. It takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

2. Analyze the results

We generate comprehensive reports that show what drives and motivates the candidate.

3. Make informed decisions

With the help of TQ Motivation, you can get more and better information to develop the candidate in their career.

Get started with TQ Motivation

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