TQ Cogs

You can use our tests, consulting services and tools completely separately or as an integrated part of all HR work - you choose what fits best in your organization.

TQ Cogs offer a comprehensive and objective assessment of candidates' numerical, verbal and logical skills.

By including TQ Cogs in your recruitment process, you can quickly get important information regarding cognitive ability and problem solving. It saves time, resources and allows you to make informed decisions based on objective data.

Measurable results

TQ Cogs gives you a clear and quantitative picture of the candidates' skills in numerical, verbal and logical areas. The results are compared with norm groups to provide an objective assessment of the candidates' strengths and areas of development.

Fast and efficient screening

With the help of TQ Cogs, you can quickly and easily send out the tests to many candidates in order to make informed decisions.

Objectivity and fairness

TQ Cogs eliminates any bias and ensures a fair and objective assessment of the candidates' abilities. All candidates are assessed on the basis of the same standardized test and results are compared with a representative norm group.

Simple integration

TQ Cogs can be easily integrated into your existing recruitment processes and systems. We offer flexible solutions to suit your needs.

Which abilities do we measure?

Numerical reasoning ability

Assesses the ability to understand and use numerical information, including basic mathematical calculations, interpretation of charts and tables, and problem-solving skills in numerical areas.

Verbal reasoning ability

Measures the ability to understand and use written information, including reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and word usage.

Logical reasoning ability

Assesses the ability to reason logically and analytically, including identifying patterns, solving problems based on logical principles, and drawing conclusions based on information provided.

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