360 Feedback

Get a comprehensive picture of an individual's competencies and behavior patterns by using the TQ 360 Feedback Tool.

With TQ 360 Feedback, you get a multidimensional picture of a person's demonstrated competencies, behavior patterns and communication styles.

The results are based on input from for example managers, peers, customers and direct reports you work with. In this way, you get an overall picture of how the individual and their abilities are perceived by those around them. Self-aware leaders are more responsive and have an easier time adapting their leadership to directly impact the success of their teams and the organization they work in.

Why use 360 feedback?

Collect feedback from different perspectives

Collect input from managers, peers, customers, direct reports and other stakeholders.

Versatile assessment

Gain a deeper understanding of individuals’ behavior patterns from different angles.

Assessment of important areas

Comprehensive feedback on everything from leadership skills and teamwork to communication style and customer service

Personal development

Get valuable insights and opportunities for personal development based on the results

360 Feedback is suitable for...

Leadership development

Give leaders insight into how their behavior and communication affects their team and organization.

Team development

Create a foundation for team analytics and to improve group performance and collaboration.

Organization analysis

Get an overall picture of the organization's competencies and behavior patterns to identify strengths and possible areas of improvement.

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