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We offer the following assessments:

TQ Personality

Our personality test helps you understand individuals' character traits and preferred behavior styles in professional life. Based on HEXACO, you gain insight into how the person interacts with others, how they organize themselves and attack problems, and how they handle emotions and situations at work.

The test is quality assured by the BPS (British Psychological Society) and is one of the industry's most accurate tools.

TQ Cogs

Our cognitive skills tests measure verbal, numerical and logical capacity respectively and can be used together or separately depending on what is most important for the role. They can be used regardless of position and previous experience. The tests are adaptive and adapt in real time to the individual's capacity.

A capacity test gives all people the same opportunity to demonstrate their ability or potential, regardless of previous work experience or level of education.

TQ Motivation

A motivation test maps what motivates an individual and is a powerful tool for working with, for example, the development of people and groups, coaching, and culture and values ​​work.

While personality tests map how an individual behaves in different situations, the motivation test shows why and what values ​​and driving forces lie behind it. The test gives you concrete actions for how you can work with commitment and create motivation based on the individual's clearest motivators.

360 feedback

Self-aware leaders are more responsive and have an easier time adapting their leadership to directly impact the success of their teams and the organization they operate within.

Our 360 tool is a powerful way to get a multi-dimensional picture of a person's demonstrated competencies, behavior patterns and communication styles - how are the individual and their abilities perceived by their surroundings? The analysis is based on input from, for example, managers, colleagues, customers and employees you work with.

Skill tests

With our tests, you can get an accurate and objective assessment of each candidate's technical skills and abilities.

By partnering with Kattis, eSkills and Codility, three recognized platforms in skills testing, we can offer you the best of both worlds - powerful testing tools and expertise.

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