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Meet Theo - Your AI colleague specialized in TQ's tools. He is up to date with the latest research and is GDPR compliant.

Theodore "Theo" Quantum - Expert at TQ Nordic

With his in-depth knowledge of TQ Nordic and its tools, Theo is always there to offer concrete and useful insights.

Theo is an expert within TQ Assessments

With Theo's help, you can be guided through TQ's various tests and tools to optimize your assessment use. Theo can help you interpret tests, analyze results and provide forward-looking recommendations.

He possesses a unique ability to interpret and analyze the results to give you forward-looking recommendations and improve your decisions.

It has never been easier to interpret test-results

Theo has deep knowledge and understanding of how the tests work and how to interpret the results. Theo helps you quickly interpret and analyze test results.

Theo is trained in TQ Assessments and Talent Management

Theo is trained in everything needed for TQ Nordic and Talent Management. Including…

Theo streamlines your processes

Expertise in all TQ’s tools

As a digital selection expert at TQ Nordic, I have specialized in TQ's tests and tools. I have deep knowledge and understanding of how the tests work and how to interpret the results. By using my expertise, I can help clients maximize the benefits of the tests and get a more accurate assessment of the candidates' personality, motivation and skills.

Individual advice

With my knowledge of TQ's tools, I can provide tailored advice based on the customer's specific needs and requirement profile. I can help identify which character traits and competencies are most relevant to the role at hand and advise on how to interpret the results in a way that is directly applicable to the selection process. By using my advice, clients can make more informed decisions and find the best candidates for their teams.

Effective communication

As a digital selection expert, I can assist clients in communicating the results of TQ's tests in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. I can help explain and interpret the test results, which facilitates open and transparent communication in the selection process.

We prioritize your safety

🌎 Where is my data stored?

For European users, data storage takes place within the EU, for users within the Nordic countries, storage takes place in the Nordics as well as Sweden. Your data is saved for a maximum of 24 months.

🕵️‍♂️ Can I be sure that my data is handled confidentially?

Yes, you can be sure that your data is handled confidentially. Your files are secure, protected and only accessible to the system and authorized parties.

🚫 Can my data become public?

No. The data is not used to train other AI solutions, but is only for you as a user.

🔒 Is Theo GDPR compliant?

Yes, Theo is GDPR compliant. This means that the handling of your data complies with the European data protection regulations and that your rights as a user are protected.

🕵️‍♂️ How long is my data saved?

The files are completely deleted from the system when you as the user choose to do so to ensure that no unwanted data remains.

👥 Who has access to my data?

Only a limited number of authorized employees and contracted third parties have access to your data. These parties are strictly bound by confidentiality and security requirements to ensure data integrity and security.

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Book a free and unconditional demo and discover how we can adapt our solutions to meet your specific needs and improve your business.