Create your own AI colleague

Your own AI adapted for your business and trained in Talent Management.

With our expertise and innovative technology, you can realize your ideas and step into the exciting world of artificial intelligence.

We understand the importance of being able to adapt and tailor an AI to meet specific needs and requirements. With our tool, you can easily define and design your AI solutions to suit your company or project.

Like ChatGPT, but trained in Talent Management and an expert in your business

Your AI colleague is, in addition to being an expert in your business, also specialized in Talent Management with knowledge in e.g. recruitment, development and HR. It is updated with the latest research and is GDPR compliant. Much like ChatGPT, but better and on your terms.

What can the AI colleague do?

Create target profiles

The AI colleague helps you create a clear and detailed requirements profile that attracts the best candidates.

Generate job ads

Generate powerful and well-written job ads that attract the right candidates to your organization.

Choose selection method

Get valuable insights and recommendations to choose the most effective and appropriate selection method.


Get help creating marketing materials for, among other things, social media, and attract the right candidates.

Create interview questions

The AI colleague helps you create a clear and detailed requirements profile that attracts the best candidates.

Create working samples

Create relevant and realistic work samples that test candidates' skills in a structured way.

Assessment list

Create an assessment list in tabular format to rank candidates based on relevant data.

Interpret test results

Get help analyzing candidate test scores and get insightful evaluations, comparisons and reports.

Email templates

Create email templates for candidates who have been called to an interview and candidates who have not progressed in the process.

Test feedback

Get ready feedback to give to the candidate through careful analysis and evaluation of test results.


Create unique outreach emails that highlight the candidate's relevant strengths in relation to the role you are recruiting for.

Social Media

Get help writing exciting posts and relevant comments that make you more interesting as a recruiter.

Unique to your company

Your AI colleague is trained and unique based on your company, your recruitment processes and what you want support with.


Get help and guidance to optimize your recruitment processes and make informed decisions.


Ask questions and stay up-to-date on best practices in Talent Acquisition.

Employment contract

Create customized employment contracts based on position, salary, working hours, tasks and more.

Upload documents and train your AI

Your AI colleague can be customized through documents about your company and your work processes, so that it can help you even better.

We prioritize your safety

🌎 Where is my data stored?

For European users, data storage takes place within the EU, for users within the Nordic countries, storage takes place in the Nordics as well as Sweden. Your data is saved for a maximum of 24 months.

🕵️‍♂️ Can I be sure that my data is handled confidentially?

Yes, you can be sure that your data is handled confidentially. Your files are secure, protected and only accessible to the system and authorized parties.

🚫 Can my data become public?

No. The data is not used to train other AI solutions, but is only for you as a user.

🔒 Är den GDPR-kompatibel?

Ja, den är GDPR-kompatibel. Det innebär att hanteringen av din data följer de europeiska dataskyddsförordningarna och att dina rättigheter som användare skyddas.

🕵️‍♂️ How long is my data saved?

The files are completely deleted from the system when you as the user choose to do so to ensure that no unwanted data remains.

👥 Who has access to my data?

Only a limited number of authorized employees and contracted third parties have access to your data. These parties are strictly bound by confidentiality and security requirements to ensure data integrity and security.

Stay up-to-date with us

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Book a free and unconditional demo and discover how we can adapt our solutions to meet your specific needs and improve your business.