At TQ Nordic, we offer tailored consulting services that help companies and organizations optimize their results and achieve their goals.

We offer the following consulting services

Second Opinion

It can be challenging and time-consuming to delve deeply into and understand an individual's motivational factors, personal characteristics and cognitive capacity.

We are experts in personal assessment and are often hired by both experienced recruiters and company managers.

Second Opinion contributes to a safe and quality-assured process for both the candidate and the recruiting organization!

Team or group development

What makes some teams or groups succeed better than others? How can your team become more effective and develop when it comes to reaching your goals and creating profitability, but also in finding job satisfaction, well-being and inspiration in each other?

We have several solutions built in modules to be able to work with all types of teams and needs. Everything from new groups and constellations, to creating better conditions for high-performing teams with a focus on goals and expectations.

Self Awareness

Self-aware leaders are more responsive and have an easier time adapting their leadership to directly impact the success of their teams and the organization they operate within.

Working with 360 feedback and Self Awareness gives leaders a solid base of self-awareness and the opportunity to direct attention to the areas that require active work for further development of themselves and their leadership. Of course, this is just as useful for employees who do not have a leadership role today, but still want to identify and explore different perspectives on their development.


Often, individuals know what they want or need to change, but sometimes find it difficult to succeed themselves. We therefore work to find the right driving force to strengthen motivation from within. Coaching can help employees and leaders to self-reflect and to arrive at solutions, decisions and development in the desired direction.

Our tests give you an in-depth picture of the individual's strengths, challenges and driving forces - a valuable basis for coaching conversations.

We are happy to help you with coaching as stand-alone sessions or as part of leadership programs and change work - alternatively, we train people at your company so that the competence is available internally!

Management team development


Many management groups feel that it is easy to get stuck in the operational where strategic points are prioritized away or that certain points remain unresolved meeting after meeting. Is the management team always even a team?

Often it can be difficult to completely let go of one's operational role and fully act based on the interest of the entire company with a focus on vision, goals and strategic direction.

We have solid experience in working with management teams and optimizing each unique constellation towards the company's strategic goals.


Losing a leader or employee in a key role can create a very vulnerable situation for an organization's development and success.

A succession plan where the most critical roles have a planned successor creates security and preparedness for both the organization and the employees concerned.

Based on our tests, we can identify and develop the right successor objectively and efficiently. We can also contribute in the preparatory work linked to the succession plan, to identify the right success factors - competences, motivation factors and capacities.

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