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Before the candidate starts any of our assessments, whether it's a cognitive assessment or personality questionnaire, they will receive one or more practice questions. This is to ensure the candidate gets a good understanding of the layout and format. There will also be a detailed description provided alongside the practice questions.

Our Trait Profile and Response Styles have been merged into one report, now called Full Trait Profile.

You will find the response styles at the bottom of the same page as the traits. You might have to update your report list to make this new report visual, you can do this by opening the project, selecting Settings from the menu, and visiting Reporting.

Yes, we are. You can send out assessments using Teamtailor and SOVA automation. You can add TQ Nordic as a trigger to any stage you want. For more information, email info@talentq.se.

TQ Nordic's cognitive assessments have been updated with the latest research, but the complexity level and what we measure remain the same. The main difference is that the time taken to complete the assessment is no longer visible to candidates, there is no clock that shows how much time has been spent. This adjustment is made with the candidate experience in mind and to avoid any discrimination among different groups.

When interpreting percentiles, this is the correct range:

1-30 = below average

31-69 = average

70-99 = above average

Please note that the time is included when the score is calculated. The skill tests are calibrated where the time spent per question determines the raw score that is transformed into the percentile.

To create a comparison group, you need at least 100 individuals. We will also work closely with you to ensure that the included results are valid and have a good distribution.

Every time the group grows, we must manually ensure validity, this is typically done once a year.

The equivalent of Dimensions is called TQ Personality.

The Team Report is still based on Belbin's team roles, but since our questionnaire for TQ Personality has been updated, the report will not be the same as it is associated with a different set of items.

Regarding TQ Personality & TQ Motivation, no adjustments are necessary since the results do not depend on time. During your feedback session with the candidate,vil you should take into account the candidate's difficulties in responding to various items. Our recommendation is to have an open dialogue and discuss the results, allowing the candidate to explain how they experience different situations with examples.

For the cognitive assessments, you can adjust the time allowed for candidates to complete the tests from 5% to 100% time extension (in 5% intervals). This provides more time per question. However, you should internally agree on how much time to add (depending on the variation) to ensure fair and equivalent assessment for all your candidates.

TQ Nordic has also integrated all of our assessments with Recite me. This provides an enhanced user experience by offering customized features directly within the testing environment, such as easy-thereo-read text, and more to facilitate usage for individuals with different needs and preferences.

Learn more about Recite Me here.

Reports that can be shared with a non-certified individual includes all of those reports ending with ”manager”, ”candidate”, and the Team Reports. The new Candidate Reports are more comprehensive. However, it is always recommended not to provide non-certified individuals with reports but instead ask them to take notes during your feedback session.

Rapporten är ju “endast” resultatet, din analys och återkoppling inte finns med – där tappar chefen massvis med information som du som certifierad sitter på. Det är oftast den servicen de efterfrågar; vår analys, tolkning och dialog med kandidaten.

This is not necessarily anything alarming. Engage in a dialogue with the candidate about their experience with the different cognitive tests and see if anything happened that might have affected the score. Considering the candidate's other scores, they do have the ability for an average or above average score. Use questions to investigate how they handle, for example, written or verbal information, if the inconsistent score is for the verbal assessment.

The Potential DNA Report is based on the questions from TQ Personality. The potential scores shown on a scale of 1-5 indicate how strongly the candidate's results align with the potential factors. This means that we do not count the number of correct answers as in the cognitive assessments.

For those who already hold or have had a leadership role, we recommend using the Leadership Reports instead. It focuses on specific leadership qualities, measuring their strength in relation to them.

At SOVA, test data is permanently saved to enable long-term analysis and evaluation. However, all personal data related to the candidates is anonymised 2 years after the test has been carried out. This ensures that candidate privacy is protected while valuable data remains available for future insights. This policy is part of our commitment to balance privacy protection with the needs that exist for data-driven decision-making in recruitment and staff development.

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